If you were in the Research Triangle area, or surrounding states, in the early to mid ’90s, chances are you were a Superchunk fan. If so, this one’s for you. While it’s not Superchunk (it’s been 4 years and change since the last SC album) this one, in a lot of ways, feels damn close. Close enough, anyway.
Flying well below the radar, Portastatic has long been ex-Superchunk and Merge Records founder, Mac McCaughan’s go-to moniker for any and all recording projects over the years. Initially a solo project, Portastatic has evolved into a full band on recent albums spanning diverse genres ranging from stark Appalachia-folk styled film scores to amped up power-pop. It’s the power pop vibe that is front and center on their latest, Be Still Please. Album drops October 10th.

MP3: Portastatic :: Sour Shores
Amazon: Portastatic – Be Still Please

+ Portastatic available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Portastatic MP3s.

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