Alejandro Escovedo’s cover of Gun Club’s “Sex Beat” has been posted here before; been played more than once on my radio show as well. Why? Because like any good re-interpretation, it’s takes the song’s bare essence and spins it until it becomes something different entirely — and yet it hangs on to the the same sense of purpose the original intended.

On “Sex Beat” we have Gun Club’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s original in all it’s glory – spewing it’s cowpunk drunken menace right through your speakers. Nearly 20 years later Escovedo, no stranger to the early L.A. punk scene himself, takes the song and truly makes it his own. Slowing it down to a sludgy pace of drums, strings, and eerie guitar, Escovedo tells his tale in an almost speaking voice over the instrumentation. Chilling results.

MP3: Gun Club :: Sex Beat
MP3: Alejandro Escovedo :: Sex Beat (cover)
Amazon: Gun Club – Fire of Love
Amazon: Alejandro Escovedo – Bourbonitus Blues

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