Despite the enormity of the Hollywood Bowl, Tv On The Radio failed to disappoint the gathered masses. Opening for Massive Attack, whose performance seemed like an afterthought compared to the TVOTR experience, the group surprisingly translated their expansive sound to the atmosphere of the outdoor amphitheatre. Their vibe firmly intact, selections from Return To Cookie Mountain and the previous LP/EP demonstrated to the uninitiated the serious chops and game that have floored both critics and audiences alike the past few years. Until the venues management cut them off, the band had us eating out of their hands. This post-art-punk, soul, gospel, distortion thing they are working shows no signs of letting up, leaving me yearning for their next headlining club date in L.A.
MP3: TV On The Radio :: Staring At The Sun
MP3: TV On The Radio :: Dry Drunk Emperor
Amazon: TV On The Radio – Return To Cookie Mountain

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