Originally shared this live Neil Young set – from 1971 – on the Drunkard back in March, but revisited this week while prepping for a radio show. If you were not around these parts earlier in the year then this is for you, and if you were, and did not check these out the first go-round, here is another shot.

Recorded in London, February 27, 1971. Neil is introducing some songs for the first time that would become classics and staples in his repertoire over the decades. A fascinating listen.
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Via Billboard, Jonathan Cohen: “Neil Young is finally ready to roll out releases from his long-rumored “Archives Performance” series. First up is “Live at the Fillmore East 1970,” due Nov. 14 via Reprise. The album features six as-yet-unannounced selections from Crazy Horse’s March 6-7 runs at the New York venue, at a time when late guitarist Danny Whitten was still a member of the band.”

MP3: Neil Young :: On The Way Home
MP3: Neil Young :: Tell Me Why
MP3: Neil Young :: Old Man
MP3: Neil Young :: Journey Through The Past
MP3: Neil Young :: Cowgirl In The Sand
MP3: Neil Young :: The Bridge
MP3: Neil Young :: The Loner
MP3: Neil Young :: Don’t let It Bring You Down
MP3: Neil Young :: See The Sky About To Rain
MP3: Neil Young :: Out On The Weekend
MP3: Neil Young :: I Am A Child
MP3: Neil Young :: Ohio
MP3: Neil Young :: Love In Mind
MP3: Neil Young :: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
MP3: Neil Young :: Heart of Gold
MP3: Neil Young :: A Man Needs A Maid
MP3: Neil Young :: Harvest
MP3: Neil Young :: The Needle And The Damage Done
MP3: Neil Young :: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing
MP3: Neil Young :: Dance, Dance, Dance

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