It’s a shame more of the unreleased Whiskeytown material has not seen the light of day, in a remastered format, with better audio quality. Some of it is quite good, and like former founding member Ryan Adams’ unreleased cannon, the majority of it is readily available with a little creative digging on the Internet. Here are some choice cuts that never saw an official release, but certainly could have stood up to some of the LP’s tracks, if not eclipsed them.

Related Article, Whiskeytown, SXSW 1997: “September 8, 1997: Last week, Ryan Adams shipped all his belongings to Austin. Later this fall, when his band Whiskeytown isn’t touring as much, Adams will join his record collection and those few odd boxes, and move here as well. “I just know people too well in Raleigh… or not well enough, actually,” says Adams of the motives behind his move from North Carolina. This is probably true, but armchair psychologists might also be right in deducing that Adams is coming to Austin to do battle with some of his demons, and that it’s both appropriate and ironic that his actual arrival has been preceded by his baggage….” Click to read in it’s entirety.

MP3: Whiskeytown :: Medicine
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Caroline
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Night Lights
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Think About Me (bop bop version)
MP3: Whiskeytown :: West NY Serenade
MP3: Whiskeytown :: Ghost Without Memory
Amazon: Whiskeytown – Faithless Street +++ +++
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