Daniel Hutchens’ Lovesongs For Losers drops today at Autumn Tone — it’s our first proper release. When Hutchens and I first began batting around the idea of working together on his next project, the initial idea was to knock out another acoustic-based “singer-songwriter” driven recording in the vein of his solo debut, 2003’s LESSER. What came out of the recording sessions at Barbe’s studio in Athens is an entirely different animal altogether — and I couldn’t be happier.

The record plays like the bastard child of Hutchens’ long running rock & roll outfit Bloodkin with the quirkier, creative shadings and nuances of his solo work. It’s the sound of an American bard from the South — there is no artifice here. I highly endorse not only this recording, but encourage fans of the Drunkard, and/or Southern Gothic/Americana/No Depression, to seek out LESSER, the seven Bloodkin LPs, and of course Hutchens’ live gigs. This guy is a national treasure, and I’ll stand on Steve Earle’s coffee-table in my Jack Purcell’s and say just that.

MP3: Daniel Hutchens :: Blood From The Rock
MP3: Daniel Hutchens :: Red Velvet Cake
Purchase: Daniel Hutchens – Lovesongs For Losers

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