I stumble upon some of my favorite music finds by accident. A conversation, a late night podcast, an obscure music rag, etc., etc. In this case it was, as happens regularly, by the recommendation of a friend.
I know very little about Travel By Sea other than they are an indie-folk songwriting duo that have never met. One of them lives in Colorado — the other in California. Their compositions are carefully put together piecemeal via the Internet. They have one full length album out which I have yet to hear, but based on the strength of this song sent to me via MP3 (allegedly off their upcoming album) I will be investigating. Check out this mysterious song without a name below.

Update/Edit: Mystery unfolding. Travel By Sea made contact and shed a little light on the tune and the behind-the-scenes of their inner workings. “that song is called ‘too much too quickly’ to give you a little more info about our band. i write the songs, sing and play guitar. brian does everything else including producing, mixing…all the rest of the instruments…etc. “

MP3: Travel By Sea :: Too Much Too Quickly
www.travelbyseamusic.com ++ myspace.com/goldenwest

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