Closing in now on twenty years, The Black Crowes have stood their ground as the American blues-based rock & roll outfit working today. They are a throwback in the best way to the arena sized giants of the late sixties and seventies. Rock & Roll excess, drama, crooked music biz politics, sibling rivalry…money-makin’.

Last Spring I posted, as part of An Aquarium Drunkard’s Lost Album Series, The Black Crowes unreleased albums Tall and The Band. Unbeknownst to me, at the time, the Crowes had plans for an official release which finally came to fruition late last month.

Yesterday I picked up the double CD package at Amoeba for a moderately priced nineteen dollars. The set comes with era appropriate artwork and photos with slim liner notes detailing the history of the sessions and “lost album” lore. As with most official releases of long-standing bootleg recordings (I’m looking at you Beach Boys’ Smile and Dylan’s Basement Tapes) there are often, if not always, some surprises for the listener in terms of tracklisting, mixes, and additions/deletions. This set is no exception. In a word, this collection is great — just don’t throw out those bootleg copies as it is an entirely different experience. Yeah, the sound might be a little tinny (especially on Tall) but essential nonetheless. For a review of the original “bootleg” versions, check out the links below to the original A.D. posts regarding these “lost albums.”

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