photo: Sticky Fingers’ LP jacket

The kings of early ’70s hedonism had a court order produced declaring this documentary could not be shown without the presence of it’s director, Robert Franks. That did not stop the bootleg of the film from being widely dispersed on the black market. This is a truly naked, candid, often disturbing look at a band on tour wrapped up in drama and addiction. It’s also fascinating. The film takes up where Albert Maysles documentary Gimme Shelter left off post Altamont/post sixties – during the Stones 1972 tour.

The unreleased tracks below are off an old boot I came across entitled “The Cocksucker Blues EP.” Even with the Internet I have never been able to locate much further information than that. Stones fan should check this out. Look for further unreleased Stones treats on The Drunkard in the coming months before the close of the year.

Elsewhere: Please take some time to read one of my all time favorite fan pieces on The Rolling Stones entitled “Death of a Junky: The Rolling Stones” by Derek Phillips.

MP3: The Rolling Stones :: Cocksucker Blues
MP3: The Rolling Stones :: Brown Sugar (alt. take – Clapton on lead guitar)
MP3: The Rolling Stones :: Brown Sugar (live 1973)
MP3: The Rolling Stones :: Starfucker (live 1973)
MP3: The Rolling Stones :: Dancing With Mr. D (live 1973)
MP3: The Rolling Stones :: Angie (live 1973)


Video: More Cocksucker Blues Extracts : Here
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  1. I had been told that the Stones’ recording company was pressuring them to release an album by the end of the year (early) in their career. So, Mick and the boys churned this out and turned it in just in time to be released as a holiday album. Several thousand copies were released in one of the Northern European countries (Sweden?) before being recalled the next day when someone from the record company actually listened to the lyrics. So that is why this album and even the lyrics are very rare… 🙂
    Personally I was laughing my ass off about the story and the lyrics. I have only actually heard the song Cocksucker Blues once. (It’s freakin’ hilarious). I think it would be cool if the Stones re-released it as a single with the story of why they wrote that song. By the way the links to the songs above have been deleted by someone already.

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