Recorded in Micah’s hometown of Abilene, TX, it’s a small wonder we’re even getting to hear this album so soon after Hinson’s debilitating back surgery following his European tour earlier in the year. I suppose all that time on the mend must be an agent of creativity as …And The Opera Circuit comes on strong. A slew of friends were enlisted to help out with the recording including Eric Bachman who reportedly took charge of the string and horn arrangements. Note: Bachman too has a great 2006 release out right now entitled To The Races.

Those under the spell of 21st century soulful, rural-leaning, folk-singer-songwriters take special note: Hinson is worth you time — check out the sample tracks below. Presently touring, his record was released via Jade Tree October 10th.

MP3: Micah P. Hinson :: Letter To Huntsville
MP3: Micah P. Hinson :: Jackeyed
Amazon: Micah P. Hinson :: The Opera Circuit ++

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  1. I would love to see them. Japandroids is going to become HUGE, especially now that they will be at SXSW next year.

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