My first exposure to both Pink Nasty (and her brother Black Nasty ) was through her website and myspace pages. I thought it was brilliant, smartass (see Black Nasty) parody. My second exposure was the release of Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s live document Summer In The Southeast with Pink on backup vocals. After hearing those pipes, I was no longer laughing. Pink, it turns out, is the real deal.

Recorded at Paul Oldham’s Shelbyville, KY studio with various friends on hand, including brother Will , Nasty’s second LP Mold The Gold is a serious step in craft. Here’s two from the LP, including the fabulous duet with one Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

MP3: Pink Nasty :: Don’t Ever Change (new you send it)
MP3: Pink Nasty :: BTK Blues
eMusic: Pink Nasty – Mold The Gold ++

+ Pink Nasty available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Pink Nasty MP3s.

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