I lost touch with Frank Black’s music years ago, but not before his 1993 debut/eponymous solo album. At the time, as a rabid and devout Pixies fan, this album was highly anticipated…and hey, surprise, it wasn’t the Pixies sound. But between it and the Breeders’ records it was close enough – for awhile anyway.

I haven’t thought about this record in over ten years, but while traveling back East a couple of weeks ago the song “Los Angeles” off the LP was playing on the radio which spawned an excellent conversation about just how great the accompanying video was. RE: Frank Black driving a hovercraft through the southern California desert singing about an L.A. in an alternate universe. No one really did space-alien weird quite like Black Francis and this early incarnation of Frank Black.

Watch the video below – check out the MP3 and give Black’s spin on The Beach Boys “Hang On To Your Ego” a whirl. It’s like it’s 1993 all over again. Kinda.

MP3: Frank Black :: Los Angeles
MP3: Frank Black :: Hang On To Your Ego
Amazon: Frank Black – S/T

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