Spencer Davis Group/Traffic/Blind Faith

There was a time, and not so long ago, when any mention of the name “Steve Winwood” quickly conjured images of very bad MTV videos and cheesy ’80s pop pap. For me, this lasted until late-college when an acquaintance emphatically exclaimed, “no, you’re mistaken , Stevie Winwood used to be the man.” It was then that I discovered the trifecta that is the Spencer Davis Group/Traffic/Blind Faith. Yes, it turns out that Winwood was indeed “the man” and it was only his, albeit popular, ’80s missteps that that reeked of such bad taste.

Listen for yourself — here are three tracks featuring homeboy on lead vocals ranging from pastoral British folk, sixties r&b, to rock & roll.

MP3: Spencer Davis Group :: I’m A Man
MP3: Traffic :: John Barleycorn
MP3: Blind Faith :: Had To Cry Today
Amazon: Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die
Amazon: Spencer Davis Group – I’m A Man
Amazon: Blind Faith – S/T

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