While picking up the The Evens new release, Get Evens, Tuesday it dawned on me that the purchase was actually quite fitting with all the political hub-bub in the air (tv/conversation/computer/papers) of late. There is still something satisfying and somehow comforting about a new Ian MacKaye related release. I suppose it reminds us that there are still some really pissed off artists out there making some noise.
Not unlike The Evens s/t debut, MacKaye and partner Amy Farina again opt to express themselves in the hushed tones alien to many a Dischord project. Rather than the sonic attacks of gnarled guitars and MacKaye’s trademark scream, Get Evens is a quiet, controlled, yet thoughtful album brimming with the same concerns/frustrations as the debut deftly communicated (not so subtly) by Ian’s strums and Farina’s percussive accompaniment..

Based on the first few listens, this album should prove to be the equal of it’s predecessor. If you’re an old Fugazi fan, get on board with The Evens.

MP3: The Evens :: Cut From The Cloth

Video: The Evens :: Cut From the Cloth (Live)
Amazon: The Evens – Get Evens

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