In my mind The Pixies canon is hallowed ground, so much so that I opted out of seeing them live when they re-formed in 2004 for fear the experience might taint the music and memories for me. After watching this DVD I see that my fears were unwarranted as the band comes off as tight as they were when I saw them live at 16 in 1991. I’m impressed.

The documentary follows the reunited foursome from their first rehearsals together in twelve years through to the end of their exceptionally successful tour. Expertly scored by Daniel Lanois, Loudquietloud succeeds in pulling back the curtain just enough to witness the inner workings of the group without sacrificing too much of the magic. Speaking of magic, in a few bizarre scenes you get to witness drummer David Lovering perform magic, as he now works as a professional magician at L.A.’s famed Magic Castle.

Here’s a track off The Pixies 1988 album, Surfer Rosa, which I hope everyone already owns, or has at least heard in it’s entirety.

Read: Frank Black on the prospect of the Pixies recording again (Seattle Times), via LHB.

MP3: The Pixies :: Break My Body
Amazon: Loudquietloud :: A Film About the Pixies

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