A copy of Magnus Larsson’s (aka Pet Politics) latest EP arrived in the mail the other day via Catbird Records, which reminded me I had yet to mention another of the labels releases I purchased this year: Tap Tap.

Frequent readers of A.D. should recognize Pet Politics nom de plume from various posts over the past year and a half. Larsson’s lo-fi bedroom stylings are grand in a Lou Reed/John Cale sort of way. Throw in an imagined tinny Phil Spector vibe riding in the backseat throwing out ideas here and there. Great stuff all around, and this EP is no different.

The addition of Tap Tap to the Catbird roster yet again sets the bar a little higher for the label, which itself is only a year old. The group’s album, Lanzafame, (which is now sold out at Catbird) is being remastered and reissued by Stolen Records in the near future so if you missed the boat earlier in ’06 you can still pick it up. Think: Post Wolf Parade/Arcade Fire and/or Modest Mouse influenced schtick – from across the pond – and you’re on the right track. All in all, quite a solid listen top to bottom.

MP3: Pet Politics :: Sunday Morning
MP3: Pet Politics :: The Ghost of Mary And Her Friends
MP3: Tap Tap :: 100,000 Thoughts
Mp3: Tap Tap :: Way To Go, Boy
www.petpolitics.se ++ www.myspace.com/taptapmusic
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional MP3s.

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