The second Dischord related post in a week comes to us via Fugazi bassist Joe Lally’s solo full length debut, There To Here. With Ian MacKaye teamed up with partner Amy Farina on the excellent Evens project, Guy Picciotto wearing his producers hat, and drummer Brendan Canty helming the Burn To Shine documentary series, Lally hit Inner Ear studios armed with a cadre of Dischord veterans to record his debut release.

Peppered with the tell-tale signs of a Fugazi-related project (namely taste, minimalism, and current affairs) the bassist’s debut is a downbeat ride into the 21st century’s socio-anthropological landscape coupled with the steady and dexterous hand of Lally’s production and instrumentation. Lyrical subtlety is not, and has never been the name of the game for these guys, so while what coming from someone else might come off as heavy handed seems perfectly natural here. No real “rockin’ here but innarestin’ none the less.

Also of note, since Fugazi’s hiatus began in 2001, Lally has curated the Fugazi Live Series which digs deep into the archives featuring a wide range of live output throughout their career. Worth checking out.

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MP3: Joe Lally :: There To Here
eMusic: Joe Lally – There To Here

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