Last month Matador Records released the three disc Better Days Will Haunt You, a clearing house for all things Chavez related. Bless you, Matador. Chavez, along with Guided By Voices, Pavement, and a whole slew of others too countless to name, were part of the glory days of ’90s indie rock, before indie rock had been co-opted and popularized by the masses. During their brief time together Chavez helped forge a path for guitar driven rock & roll that has both influenced and been imitated by countless others since their demise.

The scoop: Every last remastered nugget from Matt Sweeney and company are gathered here and (thankfully) chronologically sequenced. Disc one hosts the beginnings of the band’s sound found on Gone Glimmering and assorted leftovers setting the scene for disc two. It’s here on the second disc that we really get swept away by the Chavez animal. Casual fans may remember tracks off the band’s stellar second LP, Ride The Fader, which landed moderate college radio airplay in the mid-late ’90s. Remember 120 Minutes? I think they may have gotten some airtime on there as well. The third disc is comprised of a DVD with your standard videos, mini-doc, etc.

News: The band will supposedly be doing a brief reunited tour in December. Also, Sweeney is still around playing with all sorts of folks, most notably Aquarium Drunkard superhero Will Oldham. The two formed the band Superwolf in 2005 and released the excellent album of the same name as well and the I Gave You ep. Watch the video for “I Gave You” below and wait for Sweeney’s grisly cameo at the end…


MP3: Chavez :: The Guard Attacks/Unreal Is Here
MP3: Chavez :: You Faded

Video: Superwolf :: I Gave You
Amazon: Chavez – Better Days Will Haunt You

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