Revisiting :: The Zabriskie Point Sessions

When Radiohead’s Ok Computer was released, one of the finest and most appropriate appraisals was that of deeming the band the ’90s Pink Floyd. I was reminded of this recently while listening to the Floyd sessions for the soundtrack to the 1970 film Zabriskie Point.

A bootleg, the disc captures the band in November and December of 1969, pre Atom Heart Mother and Meddle, finding their sound after the departure of troubled founder Syd Barrett. Loose and expansive, the set is a fascinating listen as you hear skeletal scraps of songs that the band would later flesh out on future albums. This early era, often ambient, Pink Floyd has long been overshadowed by their mammoth and epic ’70s work. The two are really completely different animals and therefore should be viewed as such.

MP3: Pink Floyd :: Rain In The Country
MP3: Pink Floyd :: The Piano Sequence
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Intermezzo
MP3: Pink Floyd :: Zabriskie Point Theme
Amazon: Zabriskie Point OST

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