Although suffering from poor health in the spring of 1970, Howlin’ Wolf agreed to travel to Europe to record with the who’s who if British rock royalty; namely the Stones rhythm section (Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman), Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. Produced by Norman Dayronthe, the sessions capture an interesting snapshot of a blues legend passing on some of his secrets to the next generation. Keep in mind that British rock, in it’s beginnings, was almost entirely made up of young lads obsessed with the American art form which was virtually ignored in it’s own home.

Listen to the man school the gathered players on how to get it done on the “The Red Rooster” rehearsal, and then listen to it all come together. “Wang Dang-Doodle” just smokes.

MP3: Howlin’ Wolf :: Red Rooster (Rehearsal)
MP3: Howlin’ Wolf :: The Red Rooster
MP3: Howlin’ Wolf :: Wang-Dang Doodle
Amazon: The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions (reissue)

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