“Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas”

“Home is where beds are made and butter is added to toast. On a cold afternoon you can float room to room like a ghost. Take the crèche out and argue about who gets to set up the kings. And I know that it’s home because that’s where the stereo sings “I’ve got dreams to remember.” But not even home can be with you forever. It’s Christmastime and the plane flies me over white hills to a town in a dream, where the sky is frozen and still, and a room (that’s not mine but it’s just like I left it before, with the wax from the candles all dusty and locks on the door) where I held you so tenderly, and where in summer I opened your letter to me. …”

MP3: Okkervil River :: Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas
Amazon: Okkervil River – Don’t Fall In Love With Everyone You See
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  1. This photo of Okkervil River is by Austin Texas band photographer Mary Sledd Sledd Photo

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