Ola Podrida :: One To Watch In 2007

Last week I received an advance copy of Ola Podrida’s self titled album that is being released through Plug Research in the Spring of 2007. What began as a nom de plume for David Wingo’s home recording projects has blossomed into a live quartet playing in and around Wingo’s present home base of Brooklyn, NY.

Continuing in the vein of his self released home recordings, the upcoming album is a thing of quiet beauty reminiscent of the very best under-the-radar homegrown ’70s folk experiments. Those familiar with, and appreciative of, the resurgence in this brand of music take heed and keep your eye out for both this ’07 album as well as future Wingo projects. I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

Coincidentally Wingo has scored some of the films by one of my very favorite contemporary directors, David Gordon Green. Those interested in the subtle nuances of the present day American south would do themselves a great service investigating Green’s work.

MP3: Ola Podrida :: Instead

Ola Podrida :: Jordanna

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