The Louvin Brothers :: Satan Is Real

This album is the Rosetta stone of fire and brimstone country gospel. Released in 1960, wrapped up in quite possibly the greatest iconic album cover of all time, Satan Is Real pulled no punches.
Brothers Ira and Charlie Louvin conceived and concocted an original LP preaching Pentecostal warnings of the desires of the flesh, sin and of course, Satan. The brothers angelic harmonization adds a depth and reverence for the material further highlighting the fact that these two men believed every word they were singing/preaching. There is no middle ground here — you are either in the flock or destined to an eternity of damnation.

Listen to the spoken word section of the album’s opening track “Satan Is Real.” The album’s liner notes reveal that brother Ira Louvin always felt guilty for ignoring his calling to the ministry and this piece was the next best thing preaching “it’s sweet to know that God is real…but Satan is real too.”

Many of us got turned onto this record while exploring the “roots” of the scene via The Byrds 1968 album, featuring Gram Parsons, Sweetheart of The Rodeo. Below is the Byrds take on the Louvin’s “The Christian Life.”

MP3: The Louvin Brothers :: Satan Is Real
MP3: The Louvin Brothers :: The Christian Life

MP3: The Byrds :: The Christian Life
MP3: The Byrds :: The Christian Life (rehearsal)
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3 thoughts on “The Louvin Brothers :: Satan Is Real

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  2. i met charlie and ira at a club i was playing in calumet[cal city]ill.i was working with
    ann young and the young bros.they broke intermissions for me.a place called the turf know the history about ann and ira.the last time i saw charlie,was the
    same town,in late 1988 OR early steel guitartist was the late LARRY CAMPBELL.he and charlie were great friends.charies voice was’nt what it used to be
    but,when he was done,the bar came alive with aplause.he got back on his bus,and
    just before he rolled out of sight he gave us a salute on the air horn.wonerful
    memories! i’m 75 yrs old now,and pastor the 1st baptist church camilla at coldspring
    texas.those memories will live with me untill the master,jesus christ calls me home.
    thank you for listening to an old musician.GREAT SITE!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS.
    thanks again.arlie gillinger aka billy cole

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