Sonic Youth :: The Destroyed Room

New releases tend to notoriously dry up the last month of the year. This being so, I had been anxiously awaiting the copy of Sonic Youth’s odds and sods compilation, The Destroyed Room, to land in my mailbox. I am happy to report — as far as die hard Sonic Youth fans go — the set does not disappoint.

The 12 tracks are compiled from session outtakes, mostly from the Jim O’Rourke years, that had previously been unavailable to the public and/or rare (read: foreign vinyl imports, etc). While by no means an ideal starting point for those just getting on board with SY, the collection provides an interesting alternate history of the band. The track “Razor Blade” for example, the b-side to 1994’s “Bull In Heather” off Experimental Jet Set Trash & No Star, conjures a rustic, acoustic backwoods vibe in contrast the albums, as noted at the time, return to experimentalism post Dirty.

Of course being a Sonic Youth record, The Destroyed Room is also well endowed with many improvisational noise freakouts and extended experimentalist jams. Fans of Washing Machine will note the official release of the extended version of “The Diamond Sea,” all 20+ minutes of it. Brief notes contained within the booklet shed some light on the track inclusions lineage and history.

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MP3: Sonic Youth :: Razor Blade (Bull In Heather B-side)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Fire Engine Dream
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