Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: Lay And Love

Will Oldham is starting off 2007 with the release of the Lay And Love single culled from his 2006 LP The Letting Go. If yer keeping tabs, this is the third single from the album preceded by the Cursed Sleep and Cold & Wet singles respectively. The Drag City pr push for “Lay And Love” makes the case, and rightfully so, that these enhanced singles are further expanding on the journey that is The Letting Go, one of my top twelve albums of 2006. So far eighteen songs and three videos — not bad for a year’s work.

Besides Oldham’s ultra sparse take on Dylan’s “Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)” the disc has– in addition to the other Dylan cover “Going To Acapulco” — the video for “Lay And Love” just in case you can’t wait for the You Tube. But hey, if you’re an Oldham fanatic/completest you already have plans to get your hands on this. Release Date: January 23rd.

Below: In addition to Oldham’s “Lay And Love,” check out Dylan’s original “Senor” off his big nasty full band 1978 album Street Legal.

MP3: Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: Lay And Love
MP3: Bob Dylan :: Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
Amazon: Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: Lay & Love
Amazon: Bob Dylan :: Street Legal

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