As reported earlier on the Drunkard, local favorites The Brokedown switched their name to The Broken West this past Fall due to legal issues. No matter, the bands chops, their sound and the tunes themselves keep getting better. Having signed on to MERGE in late 2006 the band sees the release of their debut full-length album January 23rd following up the excellent ’05 EP The Dutchman’s Gold.

If The Dutchman’s Gold was a a virtual kiss to the sounds of Southern California pop and rock over the past 30 years, I Can’t Go On I’ll Go On is a nod to the sounds of Alex Chilton’s Memphian power-pop machine Big Star. Albeit a 21st century take on the sound tying in influences in both production, songwriting and arrangement. From the looks of it The Broken West have fairly extensive U.S. tour plans throughout the Winter and Spring of this year including a stop in Austin SXSW and run of shows with The Walkmen.

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MP3: The Broken West :: On The Bubble
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The Velvet Underground :: Acetate MP3s?

By now everyone has heard the story of the lucky vinyl bin diver who by chance landed on the Velvet’s acetate that preceded their debut album. I even heard an NPR piece on it in December while driving through Los Feliz one afternoon. Last week Be The Boy directed me to WFMU’s Beware of The Blog who are presently hosting supposed MP3s of the acetate tracks. I am assuming these are tracks off the similar acetate that surfaced a few years ago. Here is a couple of the tracks with different arrangements below. For the whole set visit: WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

MP3: The Velvet Underground :: European Son
MP3: The Velvet Underground :: Heroin
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