2006 saw many interesting online developments in the world of music; my favorite of these being the launch of the Daytrotter sessions. Whether widely introducing new artists to their audience or providing a new take on existing talent, the ‘trotter is on point every time.

Like many, I too have Daytrotter to thank for my introduction to the music of Brooklyn-ite Casey Dienel. It was her Daytrotter cover of Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair” that first grabbed my attention and led to my investigating her 2006 HUSH records album Wind-Up Canary. An auspicious debut, Dienel’s take on songwriting and delivery is a breath of fresh air.

+ Casey Dienel on NPR’s Open Mic, May 25, 2006
+ Casey Dienel’s Daytrotter Sessions June 2006

**The Pavement cover is no longer hosted on Daytrotter’s site so check it out below along with the first track off Wind-Up Canary, “Doctor Monroe.”

MP3: Casey Dienel :: Doctor Monroe
MP3: Casey Dienel :: Cut Your Hair
www.myspace.com/caseydienel ++ www.caseydienel.com

+ Casey Dienel available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Casey Dienel MP3s.

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