Roy Orbison :: Life Fades Away

I have probably watched the ’80s excess-fest that is the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel Less Than Zero thirty or so times the past fifteen years. Good lord. In retrospect it’s not that it is that a great film, in fact it’s a terrible book adaptation, but it is great in it’s own self serving way. Anchored by one of Robert Downey Jr.s most gripping (and disturbing) performances the film captures a cinematic snapshot of L.A.’s Reagan-era coke fueled hedonism.

I also owned the soundtrack, on cassette, and remember it being a pretty solid listen. A KISS cover here, an L.L. Cool J jam there, and an inexplicably cool tune penned by….ready…Glenn Danzig – sung by Roy Orbison. I wonder if the two ever met? Most likely the song was provided to Orbison without any formal contact with it’s songwriter, but I like to imagine what might have been a truly bizarre meeting.

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