Picking up right where 2003’s L’Avventura left off, Dean And Britta return with their new full length Back Numbers. As with L’Avventura and their work with Luna, Wareham and Phillips know how to tastefully cover other artists material both staying true to the original and equally giving it a life of its own. This feat is accomplished a couple of times on Back Numbers but no more eloquently than Britta Phillips take on Lee Hazelwood and Ann-Margret’sYou Turned My Head Around.

Produced by Tony Visconti, Back Numbers will be released on February 27th via the Rounder Records Group. Until then — listen to Britta’s interpretation below.

MP3: Dean And Britta :: You Turned My Head Around
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Menomena :: Friend or Foe

As one of the more interesting albums thus far in 2007 — Menomena’s latest Barsuk project — Friend or Foe once again, like their debut I Am The Fun Blame Monster, defies genre convention. While IAMTFBM was melodic and atmospheric with it’s charming cut & paste lo-fi beats, Friend or Foe extends their sound into a whole new territory furthering both the songwriting and atmosphere without betraying the fact they took their name from the greatest Muppetts song ever.

Elsewhere: I Guess I’m Floating has Menomena’s “Air Aid.”

MP3: Menomena :: Wet And Rusting
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