Darondo :: Let My People Go

In 2006 the Luv N’ Haight folks released this nine track career spanning collection of Darondo’s music (including three previously unreleased demo tracks) and my ears have never been the same. Once referred to as a street-wise Al Green, Darondo is the real deal. As music gets more and more sterilized through technology and the like – it is shit like Darondo’s rawness that brings everything into focus and perspective. I have never cared about genre and recently while prepping for a radio show and queuing up Darondo’s “Let My People Go” I was reminded of why. Unbridled Soul. He has it. Link Wray had it. Q Tip has it. Jim James has it. Steve Earle has it. There are no boundaries, nor artifice. Download these two early ’70s gems and close your eyes.

Note: Savvy readers may remember “Didn’t I” from Gilles Peterson Digs America

MP3: Darondo :: Let My People Go
MP3: Darondo :: Didn’t I
Amazon: Darondo :: Let My People Go

Update: You can download free via eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.