Upon listening to David Vandervelde’s late 2006 Daytrotter session (dude covered the Stones “cocksucker blues“..i mean, c’mon) I immediately shot an email to his label Secretly Canadian to get the scoop on who this guy was and if/when he had an album in the works. Not only did he have one in the works, he had one in the can all ready to go in 2007. Well, here we are and Vandervelde is set to release his album The Moonstation House Band on January 23rd. Giddy up.

His rock & roll ’70s stylings smell like a dirty glam-rock show. Truly. If he was around ten years ago he could have been easily cast in a role in Velvet Goldmine. Oh well, maybe he’ll warrant a pt. 2.

+ Check out Vandervelde’s December Daytrotter session
+ Gorilla vs. Bear has Vandervelde’s “Murder In Michigan”

MP3: David Vandervelde :: Nuthin’ No
MP3: David Vandervelde :: Jacket
MP3: David Vandervelde :: Cocksucker Blues (stones cover via daytrotter.com)
Amazon: David Vandervelde – The Moonstation House Band
www.davidvandervelde.com +++ www.myspace.com/davidvandervelde ++ www.secretlycanadian.com

+ David Vandervelde available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 trial offer.
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional David Vandervelde MP3s.

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