For those of you who were curious as to what compilation I was referencing in the Darondo post, the following should clarify a bit. Gilles Peterson is the envy of dj’s, collectors and crate diggers around the world. At least in the world of An Aquarium Drunkard he is. The holmes has a collection so dense and thick that it is stored in it’s own warehouse (Gilles former home, known as Brownswood). Note: He has also started a label under the moniker Brownswood as well.

As eclectic as he is prolific, Peterson’s tastes run across the board touching on funk, dub, r&b, soul, danchall, and hip hop, with a particulary keen ear for interesting world music. His comps are fantasticly eclectic and varied — and there are many, many of them. Gilles Peterson Digs America: Brownswood U.S.A. finds Peterson mining obscure old, rare and out-of-print soul, r&b, and jazz . Mecca.

Also check out: Gilles Peterson on the BBC Radio

MP3: Bob Cunningham :: Lover’s Theme
MP3: Moses Dillard :: Tribute To Wes
Amazon: Gilles Peterson Digs America – Brownswood U.S.A.

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