The Mooney Suzuki :: Maximum Black EP

mooneyHere is a blast from the recent past. This past fall V2 re-released The Mooney Suzuki’s 1999 tour-only Black EP with five extra tracks pulled from the original recording sessions. This is fine, fine neo-garage. Along with the track additions it’s nice to finally have a ‘hard’ copy of this. I’m not sure what happened to these guys with their Sony debut, but you might remember it was less than impressive.

Not to dwell on past mistakes, v2 (the label which, as of this month, ceased to exist) played a smart hand re-releasing the Maximum Black EP reminding the core fan base not only that the band exists, but that they used to rock. The Mooneys were slated to release their next full length album on v2 prior to closing shop.

Elsewhere: Visit Mr. Dodge for an additional track off the Mooney’s Maximum Black EP.

MP3: The Mooney Suzuki :: Half of My Heart
MP3: The Mooney Suzuki :: My Dear Persephone
Amazon: The Mooney Suzuki :: Maximum Black EP ++

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