mwards.jpgThis track is brought to us courtesy of So Much Silence for taking the time to rip the audio from vinyl to mp3 format. Thank you, sir. The vinyl I received is a limited edition 7″ via Fader so unless your one of the lucky 500 who received a copy of the limited pressing I wanted to make sure you got a hold of this track digitally. For those interested, the b-side is the Ladyhawk tune “Soap.”      

The M. Ward A side, “Magic Trick,” with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James supplying guest vocals is an alternate version from Ward’s Post-War album with an even further understated production element. Perfect for all y’all completists out there.        

M. Ward w/ Jim James :: Magic Trick (alt version)
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3 Responses to “M. Ward w/ Jim James :: Magic Trick (alt)”

  1. I am getting a “file does not exist” notice when I try to D/L this ;(

  2. fixed

  3. can you repost this song?

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