arab-strap.jpgThe only bad thing about Scotland’s Arab Strap’s new release, Ten Years Of Tears, is that it is also the duo’s last release. Brutal realists to a fault, Arab Strap never pulled any punches documenting the often depressingly humorous affair that is life, pints, love…and more pints.

A retrospective of sorts following Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton’s career from their mid ’90s beginnings up until 2006, Ten Years Of Tears gathers new studio tracks, live tracks, deep album cuts and alternate versions. The set makes for a nice starter pack for those interested in the ‘Strap who are looking for a little bit of everything they had to offer…sloppy, yes, drunken, yes, but in that charmingly haphazard kind of way. Don’t expect any kind of “flow” to this one, but for existing fans this is very nice going away present.

Arab Strap :: The First Big Weekend
MP3: Arab Strap :: The Girl I Loved Before I Fucked
Amazon: Arab Strap – Ten Years Of Tears ++

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  1. Congrats on the move and redesign – everything looks great.

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  3. Love the new site design – looks amazing!! Much easier to read, too.

  4. Say it ain’t so! Surely Moffat will go on to do more stuff… hopefully!

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