podcast aquarium drunkardWelcome to Episode 23 of the podcast edition of The Aquarium Drunkard Show; airing live every Wednesday 2-4 p.m. PST at the Little Radio studios in downtown L.A. As requested, below is the tracklisting order for this week’s podcast.

The Broken West were the guests this week, so check out their DJ picks, acoustic set, and spirited Guided By Voices cover.

Yellow Fever – Katcatcher ++ Tony Allen & His Afro Messengers – No Discrimination ++ Brightblack Morning Light – Fry Bread ++ Blur – On The Way To The Club ++ Jose Gonzalez/Zero 7 – Futures ++ Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats (cover) ++ The Broken West – On The Bubble (studio) ++ The Broken West – So It Goes (studio) ++ The Broken West – Down In The Valley (acoustic) ++ The Broken West – You Can Build An Island (acoustic) ++ Interview # 1 w/ The Broken West ++ The Broken West – Sparks ++ The Broken West – Down In The Valley (studio) ++ Cat Power – He War ++ Cat Power – Nude As The News ++ Of Montreal – I Was Never Young ++ Yo La Tengo – Pass The Hatchet I’m Goodkind ++ The Broken West – Shiftee (acoustic) ++ The Broken West – Game of Pricks (acoustic GBV cover) ++ More chat w/ Broken West ++ Pavement – Starlings of Slipstream ++ Robert Pollard – Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft ++ The Brunettes – Leonard Says ++ Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People ++ Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken ++ The Vaselines – Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam ++ Orange Juice – Blokes On 45 (Peel Session) ++ Johnny Cash – Drive On ++ My Morning Jacket – White Rabbit (cover) ++ Loose Fur – The Ruling Class ++ Drive-By Truckers – A Blessing And A Curse ++ Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots ****
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5 Responses to “Now Podcasting :: Episode 23 (w/ The Broken West)”

  1. “Hey everyone, come see how good I look!”


  2. […] This is a nice podcast from An Aquarium Drunkard. […]

  3. Where is the opening katcatcher track from??? Who is this Yellow Fever? — I have to know, Justin!

  4. yellow fever are the jam. from austin, tx. look for a post soon

  5. i’m loving this Jose Gonzalez/Zero 7 track!

    congrats on the .com boiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!

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