loudermilk.jpgWho’s pouring, because this collection deserves a drink. Nashville’s own original psyche-pop weirdo John D. Loudermilk gets the treatment here on this 2006 twenty seven track anthology. Regarded as an accomplished sixties Nashville songwriting fixture, it turns out Loudermilk was as at home with a sitar as a banjo, and left to his own devices concocted some seriously out there subversive pop on this 1969 album.

The folks who curated this reissue have packed it full of extras rounding it out with tracks from Loudermilk’s out-of-print LP Sings a Bizarre Collection of the Most Unusual Songs. Yeah, it’s gonna be that kind of party. Also below, check out the Loudermilk penned Tobacco Road by the sixties garage rockers The Blue Magoos.

Stay Tuned: Coming soon, the Drunkard examines Rubber Room: The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner

John D. Loudermilk :: Goin’ To Hell On A Sled
MP3: The Blue Magoos :: Tobacco Road
Amazon: Open Mind of John D Loudermilk

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  1. […] Not unlike the John D. Loudermilk collection I mentioned earlier in the month, I have spent the past couple of weeks taking in the massive 29 track Porter Wagoner compilation Rubber Room: The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner 1966-1977. This collection, in a nutshell, collects the ‘deep album cuts’ and more bizarre aspects of Wagoner’s career; i.e. you won’t find much of the rhinestone studded Grand ‘ole Opry Wagoner ditties here. […]

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