apples-in-stereo.jpgYou could hardly fault the casual Elephant Six fan for being under the impression The Apples In Stereo had long ago disbanded; after all, five years is a long time for an artist or group to go without a record. But here we are in 2007 and Robert Schneider and company have returned with New Magnetic Wonder, and it’s quite possibly their best full length since 1995s Fun Trick Noisemaker.

++ Also below is the Apples take on the French pop classic Avril En Mai off 1999s Pop Romantique: French Pop Classics compilation.

Elsewhere: Lexington’s You Ain’t No Picasso loves him some Apples In Stereo. Check out his New Magnetic Wonder insights, his interview with Robert Schneider, and download the Apples ode to Stephen Colbert.

MP3: Apples In Stereo :: Skyway
MP3: Apples In Stereo ::Avril En Mai (from Pop Romantique)
Amazon: The Apples In Stereo – New Magnetic Wonder
Amazon: Pop Romantique: French Pop Classics ++ ++

+ The Apples In Stereo available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 trial offer.
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The Hype Machine for additional Apples In Stereo MP3s.

6 Responses to “Apples In Stereo :: New Magnetic Wonder”

  1. Hey! I just moved to wordpress, too (after a slight RIAA problem).

    If you could update your blogroll, and maybe let your readers know, I’d really appreciate it.


  2. Just listened to Skyway. It’s got some serious energy. I haven’t been much of a fan of Apples in Stereo since The Discover of a World Inside the Moon”, but this great. Kudos Robert Schneider, and kudos Aquarium Drunkard…and while we’re at it, Kudos to You Ain’t No Picasso

  3. That “Energy” song is just about the worst song I’ve heard in years. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  4. yeah, I dig Skyway.

    paul, I have to agree with you on the track ‘energy’ – it doesnt grab me either. surprised to see it pushed so hard the past few months.

  5. […] We leave you this week by pointing you to a couple of musical notes. One, you might wanna go here, say, or here to grab a couple songs from the new Apples in Stereo release, New Magnetic Wonder. Sure, they’re not technically a local band ” but, in case you forgot, the band’s drummer is one John Dufilho, who, of course, is/was/am the frontman for the Deathray Davies. You can see John in the backseat of the video for the New Magnetic Wonder song “Same Old Drag,” which we’ve included below. […]

  6. Yhanks you0e0907

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