Great Lake Swimmers :: Hands In Dirty Ground EP

gls-handsindirtyground-cover1.jpgI did not have the pleasure of catching Tony Dekker’s Great Lake Swimmers live this past year, but a friend was kind enough to send me a copy of their tour-only Hands In Dirty Ground EP.I have posted on Great Lake Swimmers many times, but for those unfamiliar, imagine a hybrid of an early, pensive Neil Young crossed with My Morning Jacket at their most subdued. Also like My Morning Jacket, GLS use organic atmospherics to compliment their moody palette (The GLS debut LP was recorded in an abandoned grain silo, while the Bodies And Minds sessions took place in a lakeside church in rural southern Ontario).Great Lake Swimmers third LP, Ongiara, will be released March 27th via the Weewerk label on 12″ vinyl with Nettwerk releasing the CD version. Album details via Weewerk: “The title of the album was taken from the Toronto Harbour boat that carried the band to their initial recording sessions on Toronto Island with Dale Morningstar. Ongiara continues to explore the worlds of indie folk, roots music and alt-country pop, with a focus on lyrics and the craft of songwriting. The new record is permeated with a rich natural reverb, courtesy of London, Ontario’s Aeolian Hall, which creates the magical background on which the songs are painted.”

Below are two tracks of of the Hands In Dirty Ground EP which is now available via Weewerk.

Great Lake Swimmers :: Song for the Angels (removed at label request)
MP3: Great Lake Swimmers :: Hands In Dirty Ground (removed at label request)
eMusic: Great Lake Swimmers :: Catalog ++

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8 thoughts on “Great Lake Swimmers :: Hands In Dirty Ground EP

  1. I was trawling the archives looking for track listings for the recent 4 or 5 podcasts (as you MAY NOTICE, Justin, the “Podcast Archives” section of your new site lacks tracklistings… hell, it lacks previous podcasts!) and noticed that the label asked that you remove the tracks you posted. Dolts. I discovered GLS through this post, and ran out to buy the “Hands in Dirty Ground” EP on vinyl about ten minutes after downloading it here. I guess they don’t get the concept of the blog as ‘Ear Farm’… or of radio, either, b’cuz it’s essentially the same thing.

    Once again: Weewerk lack a clue.

    Great li’l record, though.

  2. Hey Staggerlee – (weewerk) and GLS have given up our fair share of free mp3s to be downloaded, passed around, etc over the years. Excuse the fuck out of us – if we wanted this ep to be limited/special.

    phil from (weewerk)

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