123-1.jpgPeter, Bjorn And John’s latest full length Writer’s Block finally saw its U.S. release this past Tuesday coupled with a bonus disc of six additional tracks.

Anyone who became entranced with the Stockholm trio’s synth/folk, sixties inspired “Young Folks” single last year is sure to want to check this out in full. In additon to the original, be sure to check out the sitar version of “Young Folks” below.

Speaking of Swedes, Chromewaves profiles Emil Svanangen, aka Loney, Dear, and his new album Lonely, Noir recently released on Sub Pop.

Elsewhere: Peter, Bjorn And John pay a visit to Spinner’s Interface (interview)

Peter, Bjorn And John :: Young Folks
Peter, Bjorn And John :: Young Folks (sitar version)
MP3: Peter, Bjorn And John :: Let’s Call It Off (single mix)
MP3: Loney, Dear :: I Am John
Amazon: Peter Bjorn And John – Writer’s Block
www.peterbjornandjohn.com ++ www.myspace.com/peterbjornandjohn

+ Peter, Bjorn And John available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 trial offer.
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Peter, Bjorn And John MP3s.

———————————————————————————————————————————explsions.jpgFebruary 20th sees the long awaited follow-up to Explosions In The Sky’s last full length LP, which was their excellent score for the film Friday Night Lights. Entitled All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, EITS return with their trademark instrumental atmospherics and mood pieces set over the span of six tracks. Fans rejoice.

Also: For all you vinyl junkies, if you have $19.98 burning a hole in your pocket, the eclecticly awesome Hip-O Select label has Explosions In The Sky’s score to Friday Night Lights available on wax as a double gatefold album. I have not heard this edition myself, but I imagine it sounds even better with the needle rolling over those etched grooves.

Explosions In The Sky :: Welcome Ghosts
Amazon: Explosions In The Sky – All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
www.explosionsinthesky.com ++ www.myspace.com/texasband

5 Responses to “Peter, Bjorn And John / Explosions In The Sky”

  1. I am counting the days until the new EITS, their music just moves me so much. I really need to see them them live too.

  2. i guess i’m just going to have to see ‘friday night lights’ now.

  3. thnkx so much for the sitar mix [lolz im such a geek] i have been looking for it for yonx and i ♥ pb&j loadsssssssssssssss w00tt thnx again [btw ur blog is killing it, c’est supa kawaiiii!!!!!

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  5. great tracks! anyone who hasn’t seen the video for “Young Folks”, you should definately check it out – its a really cool video! You can watch it here—->


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