cd_fela_live_big.jpgYeah! Dig that album cover! Among other things, 2006 found me delving heavily into ’70s afro-beat, and one cannot begin to mention the genre without Fela Kuti immediately coming to mind. Kuti was so hot The JBs have allegedly readily admitted to copping his band’s grooves and style. Yes, those JBs. One listen to the this 1970 live document with Ginger Baker and you’ll need no further explanation. Dig.

Fela Kuti And The Africa ’70 :: Let’s Start
Amazon: Fela Kuti And The Africa ’70 w/ Ginger Baker

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  1. Fantastic. Ginger cut a side of studio material with Fela in this style on his album ‘Stratavarious’ – the material is on the ‘Do What You Like’ CD compilation.

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