Willard Grant Conspiracy :: Let It Roll (US Release)


As Songs: Illinois mentioned the other day, the Robert Fischer helmed collective known as the Willard Grant Conspiracy are finally seeing a stateside release of their sixth album, Let It Roll, on February 27th. Long time coming, but well worth the wait.

It’s artists like Willard Grant Conspiracy that inspire me to seek out and write about new music; the highly talented and vastly under reported. This is americana-garage-folk-noir. “And I dreamed I saw the angels flying low. They encompass all that’s good, or some I’m told…”

MP3: Willard Grant Conspiracy :: Flying Low
MP3: Willard Grant Conspiracy :: Skeleton
Amazon: Willard Grant Conspiracy – Let It Roll
www.willardgrantconspiracy.com ++ www.myspace.com/willardgrantconspiracy

+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Willard Grant Conspiracy MP3s.

2 thoughts on “Willard Grant Conspiracy :: Let It Roll (US Release)

  1. This is a great album – I can’t believe that the release date is so late in America, especially for an American band who are hardly unknown.

    Either way – this is a brilliant album – much more driven than Regard the End, which was rather mournful. I can’t hear too much from these guys.

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