The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner

porter-wagoner.jpgNot unlike the John D. Loudermilk collection I mentioned earlier in the month, I have spent the past couple of weeks taking in the massive 29 track Porter Wagoner compilation Rubber Room: The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner 1966-1977. This collection, in a nutshell, collects the ‘deep album cuts’ and more bizarre aspects of Wagoner’s career; i.e. you won’t find much of the rhinestone studded Grand ‘ole Opry Wagoner ditties here.

In their stead are songs that seem as if they were designed only to exist in some Lynchian molded celluloid world (see: mulholland drive). I suppose this is partially due to how absolutely outdated, and even more so, non-existent, this style of music is today. Music that is played, and appears, so straight on the surface, but pay attention and you realize most of the lyrics deal with matricide; while the rest focusing on jealousy, homicide, infidelity, suicide and general insanity. Fascinating stuff…yet, fucking crazy.

Previously: If you didn’t grab the John D. Loudermilk tune “Goin’ To Hell In A Sled” click this link to check it out.

Porter Wagoner :: Julie
MP3: Porter Wagoner :: The Rubber Room
Amazon: Rubber Room: The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner 1966-1977

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6 thoughts on “The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner

  1. The song “Julie” is eerie and haunting to me. I’ve just finished a diviorce with my “Julie.” Met her @age 17, and it was 29years of huge ups and downs. The final chapter was another man. Didn’t take it to the two bullet ending tho. Wow. What a mind fucking bender!

  2. kyle, thanks for sharing. yeah, Wagoner’s stuff is so bizarre yet it is shrouded in such a ‘normal’ country and western styling. i would imagine gram parsons was a big fan.

  3. Been a Porter Wagoner fan for years. Glad to see the collection includes ‘The Carroll County Accident.’ Probably my favorite track of his.

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