benjy-ferree.jpgBenjy Ferree’s 2006 LP Leaving The Nest is a fine album, if a bit schizophrenic at times. If you were to believe the online blog hype at the tail end of last year you most definitely would have expected the album to be, and I paraphrase, “a down home, back porch” affair. And, granted, that may be a fair assumption if you were only to listen to one or two tracks off the album, but taken as a whole such description is both highly misleading, and well, wrong.

Besides the aforementioned “folky” elements at play, Leaving The Nest mines contemporary indie rock influences, orchestral pop, garage rock, and at times near Rufus Wainwright emulation. Seriously. Impressively, the album, for the most part, tends to pull this off without painfully jarring the listener in and out of various genre exercises.

Benjy Ferree :: Private Honeymoon
MP3: Benjy Ferree :: In The Countrside
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