Kelly Hogan :: Papa Was A Rodeo (cover)

pine_valley_cosmonauts.jpgWatching the Neko Case: Austin City Limits DVD got me thinking about Kelly Hogan who accompanies Case on vocals throughout the performance.

Hogan, like myself, is an Atlanta ex-pat who left the south in 1997 for Chicago where she continues to pursue music. I have always made an effort to keep tabs on her career, as her old band, The Jody Grind, was my first “club” show as a fifteen year old back in Atlanta in 1990. Sadly, not long afterwards, two of Hogan’s bandmates were killed in a freak touring van accident. Hogan went on to follow her muse and play with several other bands, most notably Atlanta’s The Rock*A*Teens before leaving for Illinois. It was in Chicago that she started playing with my favorite of her various incarnations thus far, The Pine Valley Cosmonauts.

Check out this great cover they did of The Magnetic Fields “Papa Was A Rodeo” on their 2000 Bloodshot released album Beneath The Country Underdog. While I like the Magnetic Fields, I think this is a prime example of the cover trumping the original.

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The Pine Valley Cosmonauts :: Papa Was A Rodeo (cover)
MP3: The Magnetic Fields :: Papa Was A Rodeo
Amazon: The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – Beneath The Country Underdog

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7 thoughts on “Kelly Hogan :: Papa Was A Rodeo (cover)

  1. Wow, thanks! Ever come across “the Useless Playboys” during your stay in ATL? They used to sing about Kelly Hogan (I lived in NO during that time).

  2. I disagree, I think the original is better, it’s one of my favorite songs by the Magnetic Fields. But I like the cover, too. Thanks!

  3. Love this song, but to have one of my college faves singing it is extra special. I remember the Jody Grind in Little Five Points and other spots in the south.

  4. I had The Jody Grind booked to play my wedding in 1992 — my soon-to-be-wife was cool with my huge crush on Kelly, who was positively smokin’ in those days. But then the accident occurred and of course that was the end of that great band. But I’ve loved and followed Kelly ever since, and yep, this is a highlight (among many).

  5. Saw the Jody Grind Live warming up for Robin Hitchcock when they were promoting “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure”. I just love them! What a voice, especially on “It Ain’t Necessarily So”.

    I’ve bought one CD of Kellys solo. What others would you suggest?

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