Pink Nasty :: The Interview

A.D. -- I first came to know your work through Will Oldham (the Summer In The Southeast tour). How did that come about, and how was the experience? Had you been performing/recording prior to that tour?

P.N. -- the procurement of my services in will's band for the southeast tour was born from a series of frenzied, hard balling, hand wringing negotiations. once he agreed to my terms, fees, per diem and cut of his tour only eps and mini singles i signed on. in turn i gave him some of my back end! hehehe. BUT SERIOUSLY...he liked my brothers
Black Nastys sex raps and asked Black to open for him and thru that he decided he wanted me for his own band as well so i had to pull double doody! i hadn't performed much except for the shawn colvin covers at high school assemblies so it was weird to be playing sold out shows in front of his sweaty, slobbering, erect fans. i pretended that they were there for me sometimes. i think i've been spoiled cuz now when i play for 5 people i kinda wanna kill myself.

A.D. -- You come from a musical family, your two brothers formed The Kevins and one records/produces under the nom de plume Black Nasty. Was music, and the playing of music, a big part of your childhood growing up?

P.N. -- Yes. We had a band called Satans Undercover and we would freestyle all these weird, vibrant, enchanting, visceral, exuberant midwestern pop songs that i like to dip back into when im stuck. i was also a child model but a facial scarring accident involving the neighbors cat made me cut a new path. but the cat and i are cool now and he's a real cool cat.


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