trexx.jpgFriday evening, while listening to T. Rex’s “Jeepster” on repeat with some friends, something came up about Blur’s thinly veiled nod to the tune on the track “I’m Just A Killer For Your Love” off their 1997 self-titled album.

Sounded like a fine idea for a post, what, with the 2003 reissue of T. Rex’s Electric Warrior complete with bonus tracks. I’m personally on the fence when it comes to picking a favorite between Electric Warrior and The Slider, but would love to hear what all you die hard Marc Bolan fans think.

Weigh in on the albums in the comment section, and in the meantime listen to Blur’s “Jeepster” nod along with an acoustic rendition of “Plastic Queen” off the Electric Warrior reissue.

MP3: T. Rex :: Jeepster
MP3: T. Rex :: Planet Queen (acoustic version)

MP3: Blur :: I’m Just A Killer For Your Love
Amazon: T. Rex – Electric Warrior

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3 Responses to “Girl, I’m Just A Jeepster For Your Love…”

  1. I had a hankering for “Jeepster” myself this weekend. Thanks for putting it up!


  3. […] Rabbit Fighter in no way trumps or replaces the original version of The Slider, but it does provide an entertaining glimpse at the tracks as heard through a different filter. It’s worth noting for collectors that disc one, like the Electric Warrior reissue, tacks on additional tracks — tracks that were also made available on the 2002 import version of The Slider. Previously: Girl, I’m Just A Jeepster For Your Love… […]

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