weaver.jpgI’ve been looking forward to Ben Weaver’s upcoming album, Paper Sky, since last spring when I received an unsolicited, unmastered three song sampler in the mail culled from his (then) just recorded sessions with producer Brian Deck. As I wrote last May, Weaver’s tunes are a stark reminder of why I try and listen to every CD that comes across my desk.

I probably played the three unmastered tracks ten times each over the course of the week I received them, and have since featured them numerous times on my radio show. I (obviously) have a weak spot for artists who remind me of a young Steve Earle, and Weaver sounds like a cross between Earle and Richard Buckner with talent to boot.

Below are two of the unmastered tracks I posted last May along with the mastered “Wings As Knives” of the upcoming album. Look for Weaver touring the U.S. this spring/summer as well.

MP3: Ben Weaver :: Surrealism And Blues (unmastered)
MP3: Ben Weaver :: Geisha (unmastered)
MP3: Ben Weaver :: Wings As Knives

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4 Responses to “Ben Weaver :: Paper Sky (May 2007)”

  1. Thank you so much for finding such an amazing artists. Ben is great. I loved the songs that you posted, especially Wings as Knives.

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  3. […] Previously: Ben Weaver :: Paper Sky (May 2007) […]

  4. […] Bloodshot debut, comes out August 12th on the heels of his excellent, and under noticed, 2007 disc Paper Sky. Once again working with producer Brian Deck, Weaver wrote the majority of the LP while living with […]

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