ghana-soundz.jpgNot that it really ever gets cold here in L.A., but yeah, it can get a little nippy from time to time. You know, cold, like, er, 60 degrees cold. A ha ha ha….anyway. A surefire way to warm up, at least around my house, is the Ghana Soundz 2: Afro-Beat Funk & Fusion in 70s compilation. That’s how we do anyway. Press play and temperatures tend to rise a few degrees.

Like a lot of afro-beat from this era, Ghana Soundz compiles a healthy mix of ultra-rare and unreleased regional sounds run through what I like to think of as a James Brown filter. Everything gets stirred up all funky like, and spewed back out a thiick mixture of soul/jazz fusion/funk and reggae. Use those ears below for a much more eloquent explanation. Also, if you can track down a copy (often out of print) is the Ghana Soundz Vol. 1 compilation from 2004 that preceded this set.

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Gyedu Blay Ambolley & The Steneboofs :: Simigwado
MP3: Rob :: Make It Fast, Make It Slow
Amazon: Ghana Soundz 2: Afro-Beat Funk & Fusion in 70s

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