tatw.jpgFor crate diggers, hunting down Howard Tate vinyl can be seen as an adventure, a lovable undertaking. For the those looking for the rare, mostly import, Tate compact discs, the process is more akin to an exercise in frustration.

While many of Tate’s recordings from the late sixties and seventies have yet to see wide distribution in CD format, a few are available, most notably Tate’s 1972 self-titled Koch Records release.

Also worth mentioning is the Howard Tate Live album the Shout Factory label released about a year ago culled from his shows after the release of the Rediscovered album. Anyone heard this? Is it any good? Also, if you’re out there in internet-land with digitized Live ’70s era Tate performances you wanna share, feel free to hook a brother up.

Howard Tate :: She’s A Burglar
MP3: Howard Tate :: 8 Days On The Road
Amazon: Howard Tate – Howard Tate
www.howardtate.net ++ additional howard tate mp3s

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  1. His latest cd ‘Portrait of Howard’ is one of my favorite releases from 2006! I can’t believe its not getting any notice.

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